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"CH Sukara's Showboat To China

Show boat to China ...Went To Thailand.. He gave us 2 champions before he left, " Truely " Ch Sukara's Truely-Madly-Deeply. & " Shelby " CH Sukara's Starstruck Productions. He was a son of Grumpy's. His nickname " Grumpyson " Chinalike sound. His mother was named Flower, Showboat's Bodacious Flower ,owned by my friend Virginia Book of Showboat Shih Tzu . Flower was a very Beautiful female who I always loved & was delighted to have her bred to Grumpy. She also helped produce those Big heads. In her honor we named him Showboat to use both Kennel names .

CH Sukara's Starstruck Productions

" Shelby " who is a son of Reba..AaaaReba..Hubby's girl. Reba named after Reba McIntire has a son who is named " Shelby " Her music company name is Starstruck Productions, so we named him after her son & company name for his title name..Makes sense. I still wait for Reba ( singer ) to call & ask about her family tree, but not yet..Maybe some day.

Sukara's For Display Only R.O.M.

Casey was named for Display Only , because many tried to buy him & I said Casey was NOT for sale. He was co-bred by myself & Terry & Carolyn Watson. Casey was a puppy back from CH Sukara's Dogwoods Breath Tak'R. He produced 7 American Champions & is picture at 10 months old in The Official Book Of The Shih Tzu Page 53. He is also the father of Bunny & Carly on our girl page. He produced those Big heads , Red coats & Large Expressive Eyes.

BISS Amer./BIS Int. CH Sukara's Co-nect The Dots

Chadwick was co-bred by myself & Karen Henderson . He was named after both his parent . Conner & Dottie. , so we took a part of both callnames & named him Con-nect The Dots. He is my second in command after Grumpy. His 1st show he won a major , & also finished his Championship winning his 3rd major byalso going Best Of Breed over the Special at the Chicagoland Shih Tzu Specialty. Chadwick finished his Amer. title completely in the Bred By Exhibitor class , the 4th generation in a row to finish from it with Phylis. In order Bunny, Tamara , Dottie & then Chadwick. He also won BIS at the International championships. Sukara's Is very proud of this male & feel he will compliment our breeding for many more generations with his outstanding balance, movement, Coat,head , type & temperament that this breed is known for.

CH Sukara's True Colors

" Kermit " Kermit was named after the song True Colors because he was a True Black & White. He finished at the Michigan Specialty at 13 months old. won many group placements as a puppy. His 1st show as a special with me handling him Kermit won a Group One at the age of 15 months pictured above. He was always On in the showring & was my best teacher as I followed his lead always. All his toys were Green or Frogs. While his sister had Pink Piggies ..Panda Bearr who was originally called Miss Piggy,because she scarffed down all the food , but decided that was not a fit name to keep for my Muppet Pair. Kermit produced CH Sukara's Time Of My Life , " Maggie " who was named because she was fun & we would have a great time showing & we did. Everytime Kodak Played the theme True Colors which they still do I think of my first Homebred..Kermy Critter......

Sukara's Big Woof On Campus..

Tommy also know as Tommy Tow Truck because we used to say he would Tow Butt all over town. My Grandaughter Ashley named him Tommy saying he had the same color hair as Tommy on the show Big Wolf On Campus, so we took the name &changed to Woof. Tommy while at a training class I taught had his whiskers cut off on 1 side from a unknown person, so his show career was put on hold. I was letting it all regrow back out, but my heart was not in it when I was approached by Sally Armknecht from Saro STto let her co-own &send him out to be finished. So Tommy went with Sally &now is out showing with Carol &Wally Rice &close to his championship. He deserves it &I appreciate the new friendship &faith that Sally had in my dog Tommy Tow Truck.