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CH Wenrick's Dressed For The Nite

" Elle " came to us from Wendy & Richard Paquette of Wenrick's Shih Tzu . My Love of Black & White is known by all as my 1st 3 homebred champions were all Black & White. She is a breeders dream & we feel priviledged to own her. I showed & finished her American title in only 8 shows. Elle only hit the rings in the end of 2002 to still made the # 20 Top Shih Tzu. She is Fun , Fast & Furious when she moves. We are a great match & I enjoy every day with her in my life. Thanks again Wendy & Richard for allowing Elle to Own us.

CH Sukara's Some " Bunny " Loves You

Bunny was born on Easter Day. As a thank you gift to Carol for Juliet, Bunny's mom, I sent a stuffed bunny hanger that said " Some Bunny Loves You " everytime you walked past. Carol's grandaughter had it going constantly and it drove Carol crazy. Since she was born on Easter the name fit. We all thought it was so funny we decided to name our litter girl after the toy. " Bunny " also had a nickname given to her by other competitors in the ring. They called her " HotBuns " because she won almost every show starting with Best of Breed at 7 mo. at her 1st show, a Major her 2nd weekend out & Breed over 2 specials at 10 months. She also is the mother of Tamara & is where the sweet temperament comes from. Hotbuns, (Bunny) is also one of the housemouses that rule our home.

CH Sukara's Solo Performance

" Reba, " (Also known as AaaaaaaReba) is my Husband Ken's DOG, and she can do no wrong. She loves me when I'm in the kitchen, but when I bring out the brush, she runs to daddy -- SAVE ME...& he usually does. Reba was Carly's firstborn, a single puppy litter or LIT. She was named after Reba McIntire for her Red hair. Since she was a singleton we named her " Solo Performance. " She has eyes that are so big & round, and a face to die for. When Reba had her 1st litter we decided to keep her namesake line going with her son. Wait till you hear how he got his name..To Be Continued with " Shelby "

Amer./ Int. CH Sukara's Bon - Apetit A' Tiffani

" Truffles " arrived while doing the 2000 ASTC National. She was brought to me by my dear friend Carol Shedlin. I said she looked like a Turtle -- short & close to the ground. We laughed. My Turtle turned into a SWAN . Truffles finished her American title at 9 months of age. What a doll. She played in the puppyroom while growing her coat, winning a Group One, and finishing her International Title. To this day she is still in full coat minus her long topknot. She sleeps in the bed and runs the house fulltime with her great, easycare coat. She is a pleasure to live with. Truffles is the result of 3 lines -- Carol Shedlin's " Tiffani, " Carol Rice's " Karola, " & my own " Sukara. "

CH Sukara's Collector's Item R.O.M.

" Carly " is known for her beautiful head , eyes, & deep red color. Her total of 6 puppies from 3 litters resulted in her R.O.M. awarded by the American Shih Tzu Club. She follwed in her fathers footsteps. Carly is my Coffee Buddy. She demands very little from anyone, but this is her special time of the day. She pats me playing her " I want up Mom " game. I always say.. " What do you want Carly? " She pats twice, crawls up, & lays across my lap being petted while I drink & wake up. I Love her sweetness & she has thrown that in her offspring. She was named " Collector's Item " because she was One Of A Kind...MINE

CH Sukara's Think'N About Ta-Maro

" Just Think N About Tomorrow,bet your bottom dollar its Tamara... Tomorrow, Tomorrow, There will always be Tamara..." That is how she got her name. Ashley & I would sing this song to her, as she would lay in our arms as a puppy. She is a Chocalate Brindle & White with the " I Love You attitude " to everyone. She does not know a stranger & everybody falls in love with her. Tamara sleeps with her head on my pillow every night I'm home. She is one of my very favorites due to her Loving nature. She has 2 Champions to date, Dottie & Dukum. They also have her sweetness, which has been passed on to them, plus they are as adorable as their mom.

CH Sukara's Panda Bearr

Panda was my 2nd Homebred champion & litter-sister to Kermit, my 1st Homebred Champion. She won Best Of Breed over special her 1st show with the judge saying she has one of the straightest fronts I've ever seen. She produced that front in her 1st litter with her son " Grumpy, " (Amer. / BIS / INT. CH Sukara's Take My Breath Away R.O.M.) Panda's 2nd litter produced " Chelsea. " (CH Sukara's To Dye For O' Tiffani.) That is how I met my dear friend Carol Shedlin in FL. She called looking for a puppy & described her type which was my pick of litter Chelsea. She promised if I let her have her, she would finish her & give me back a pick puppy. That was the start of one of my dearest friendships. Panda lived a wonderful life & passed away in Feb 2001 at the age of 14 1/2 with a breast tumor. It was pure cold out, only 5 degrees, but I dug her grave in my garden by the pavillion. Now a stone Budda sits above her for luck & to guard her. In the spring we plant pansies & wildflowers all around her with a frog sign that says " I love you. From Kermit. "