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Amer./BIS Int. CH Sukara's Take My Breath Away R.O.M.

" Grumpy " A dog who was a True Showdog by every form of the word. He finished owner handled very fast. Comments about his great Legs , Movement, Perfect head, bite, large expressive eyes &that he moved so smooth you could put a glass of water on his back &never spill a drop. With very limited breedings he produced 16 American champions &BIS winners in Brazil, Japan &Mexico. At the age of 8 years after growing his coat back out I showed him at the International Championships as a Veteran. Never more Proud than to win his Best In Show , also the Best In Show Bred By Twice &Best In Show Veteran Twice. He won the Group One all 3 days of shows. On the last day He jumped off crate trying to get to me &broke his jaw in 2 places. He was meant to go to the ASTC National to show in Veteran Class, but had to retire as his jaw was now wired. He did all he ever needed to do to prove his love to me. He is now at 14 years of age &other than a broken jaw he has Never been sick a day in his life. He is also pictured in the book written by JoAnn White on page 71. The Official Book Of The Shih Tzu. He is wearing his Tophat where I said he was the Best Man for the job.. Or My Best Man.. He is the MOST spoiled male in my home..He deserves every bit of it. I Love You Grumpy Puppy... -----------------

Below are just a few of Grumpy's Children. Just click the picture for a larger view.


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